Sofia is a life saver and a game changer. Every time I've been lost, confused and in need of help, she has provided such high vibrational guidance that leads me back on course and aligns me back to my true selfthrough reading my akashic records and intuitive reading/healing. She is so connected it is mind-boggling, telling me things that no one else knows that I have kept private. She has allowed me to see some of my patterns really clearly so that I could move forward into a more conscious way of being. She's also given distance reiki to my dog! I've gotten so much clarity in my relationships, and what I need to do to feel more whole and self fullfilled. I am so grateful for meeting Sofia and am looking forward to what else she helps me reveal as we continue on this journey together. 

Sofia is a wonderful and talented healer. For her it's in her nature and you can feel her passion for helping when she works with you. She's highly invested in what she does and she's helped me a great deal while providing an unmeasurable amount of clarity. Without even opening up much she can sense when you are not at your best. She's motivated by her clients experiences and positive feedback and her yearning to keep expanding and growing. I recommend Sofia to anyone trying to take a load off their backs and step into a happier more powerful life.

I truly appreciated the level of authenticity Sofi had while approaching her work. The entire time I spent with her I felt as if I had known her my entire life and her ability to uncover personal "Blind Spots" I myself wasn't to identify was incredible. I am grateful for the time spent with her and feel fortunate I was able to utilize her insight to better approach my life and live life more peacefully. She is truly healing.

We were in the middle of two life changing experiences (moving and one of us had just quit his job) when Sofia came to our house to do a space clearing and new home ceremony. She walked us through a simple emotive ceremony/meditation full of love. One of the exercises consisted of making a list of the intentions that we had for our life in this new space. We recently found this list (months later) and we can still remember and feel the wonderful vibes and energy that we felt the day the ceremony took place. Revisiting the intention list was rewarding, not only for that but to work on the ones that we had drifted away from in these months. The feeling from the experience still feels alive in our home.

Sofia is a true and talented healer. She not only cleared my home, but also gave me practical and helpful tips for transitioning into this new phase of my life. I love her process of blessing the home and getting in tune with not only the house but also with me/her clients. She gently and compassionately guided me through the process of decluttering and intuitively shifted and moved the energy in every nook and cranny of the house. I feel so much lighter and happier in what feels like a brand new home.

Sofia is pure magic! She knows how to guide you and support your process in a loving way. Sessions with her help me see things more clearly, understand what my path is and truly put my life in perspective. I feel like they push me to let go of what is not serving me and they motivate me to keep going and trust my calling. 

“Working with Sofia was a wonderful experience. Her ability to read the Akashic Records was incredible. We looked into existing patterns and beliefs and were able to trace them back to past lives. She was able to do a healing of those past lives and help me move forward. We also looked at things to come and she was able to give me clarity on a few issues I was struggling with. I highly recommend Sofia and can’t wait to book my next session with her. “

"I have had several sessions with Sofia for myself, my daughter and my home.What I love about our sessions is that she not only views my soul's blueprint within my Akashic Records delivering beautiful messages from spirit, she also incorporates an energy healing. I always leave our sessions with feeling of immense love and clarity. Her connection with spirit is crystal clear and her passion is felt through her messages. I highly recommended and trust Sofia and refer her often.

Thank you Sofia!

“Sofia gave me one of the best readings and healings I ever had. I felt guided, cleared and reinsured afterwards. The reading was full of love and guidance and her delivery and accuracy were simply amazing. I went to her for a little tune up and I got so much more out of it. I feel blessed to have crossed paths in this life with her beautiful soul "

I had a session with Sofia a few days ago and it was incredibly eye opening. I feel loved, protected and guided by formless wisdom since. It was reassuring that I am in the right path but I think it can also help anybody who is looking to find their path. I 100% recommend Sofia as your practitioner.

I had the beautiful experience of the package of 3 sessions with Sofia and I am super sceptical concerning all these kinds of therapies but at that point I had nothing to lose. I was going through really hard times and nothing seemed to help. I didn't know why or where did that low self esteem, panic attacks and constant awful feelings came from. We found answers and I haven't felt like that ever since. I have been feeling happy and at peace with myself like never before. I will be thankful forever Sofia.

Sofia did a clearing on my new home and I am SO happy that I trusted her with this!! I set an intention specifically for my new bedroom to get good rest and I have slept solid every night (which is kinda unheard of!!). Also, the ceremony was beautiful and fun and light, the home really feels like home ever since she did the clearing. I find myself feeling happier and just more at ease since she came. I recommended my parents and friends to her as well!! I would recommend this service to anyone. 

Wow, I am amazed at how on-point and accurate my Akashic Reading was. Right from the beginning of the reading the most consuming topic in my life was realized and addressed. This reading brought me so much clarity and strength to keep on my path. When I shared my reading with my boyfriend he was brought to tears at how accurate it was! Sofia is an incredible soul and very talented. I cant thank her enough for this life changing reading we got to experience together! 

I am so happy and grateful to find Sofia. I was searching for answers to help me get unstuck, and there is plenty of information out there, but I was searching for something specific to me. After my first session with Sofia, I knew it was the right decision. She is so professional and comforting at the same time. I knew I had blocks and limiting beliefs and she was able to identify them, explain them, and clear them. She is so passionate about what she does and you can feel it when you are in a session. I highly recommend her and look forward to my next session!

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