Updated: Apr 11, 2019

The definition of Intuitive Energy Healing is a process through which the healer manipulates the energy systems of the body to achieve a person's wellbeing by making sure that the energy is flowing unobstructed. Typically during an intuitive energy healing/reading session there is a lot of processing, releasing and transmuting of energies in the mental, physical and emotional energy bodies.

For some, intuitive readings can feel like "talk therapy" and for people who are more sensitive or connected, it can feel like a lot of energy is moving and transforming, some even see colors, shapes or symbols. Sessions vary widely but they all tap into whatever the person needs at the time. These sessions are different from psychic readings in the sense that the practitioner doesn't necessarily see the future but they can see the present situation and what can be healed in order to move in the direction they want. In addition, I personally like to provide the receiver with some tools to practice on their own energy because I have found that many times we see better than anyone else what is happening inside us.

In the healing process I receive messages and scan the chakras where I intuitively find hidden blocks, emotions, and information that is usually relevant to the particular person and situation they are working through. As things come up I guide the client through exercises to tune in to the emotions and help them work through them.

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