Updated: Apr 11, 2019

So, weird name huh? I know a lot of you wonder why I named my business like this and here is the story. Years ago ( probably 5 or 6) I found a meditation on Youtube which purpose was to find out the name of my spirit guide. I was half listening to it while my mom was watching TV and I heard Shala. I thought it was weird and this word meant nothing to me so I ignored it, also because I had never channeled information before so I figured my brain had just put words together. A few days after I couldn't stop thinking about it so I thought: "What the hell" and headed to Google ( referred to by my mother in law as our lord and savior). First thing that popped up was "Shala was an ancient Sumerian goddess of grain and the emotion of compassion." I was like WOW what are the odds that the random words I heard happened to be the name of a goddess.

Two years later I had moved to LA from Chile and was thinking what I should name this business and Shala came to mind. I decided to research it again and it turned out to be that Shala also means Home in Sanskrit, the sacred scripture language used in hinduism and buddhism. I still get chills thinking about this. Talk about a sign!

I then realized that there were some yoga studios with this name and I wanted to add something else to it so I chose INSHALA which reminds me of inhala ( inhale in spanish) and also could be "in home". Once I had decided on that I was at a barbacue and a guy said oh well, INSHALLAH, and I was like, sorry? What did you say? He went on to explain that in the Arabic language it is a commonly used expression for "God willing" or "if God wills". CHILLS! I knew right then that this was 100% a divinely guided path for me and that I just needed to roll with it. It has been the best decision I have ever made.

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