I am Sofia!

I am an LA based Spiritual and Holistic Interior Designer. I like to create close relationships with my clients so I like them to know a bit about me too. 


For as long as I can’t remember (forgetful Dory over here!), I have had a big space in my heart for Interior Design and everything related to Spirituality. Today, I am lucky enough to live my dream of meeting amazing people and coaching them towards happier lives through the redesign of their homes.


Still here? Keep reading below!

I grew up in a narrow but long country, far away from, well, everything. My country’s name is Chile. My favorite game at 3 years old was “open housy”, which consisted on me boring my mom to death showing her the house as if I were selling it to her. The only memory I really have of that is thinking how I despised the clown wallpaper in my sister’s room. I always wanted to be an interior designer, it just took me a while to realize how evident it was. My sister would agree that it was pretty evident since she continually suffered the consequences of my passion; like the time I turned her bedroom in to a “While you were away” episode while she was on vacation when I was 12. Let’s put it this way, she probably should have stayed home that summer.


On the other side of things I grew up under a soul seeking, spiritual loving, reiki practitioner, tarot reader "woo-woo" mom. Even though I admired that growing up I never thought it would be for me. Most of the times it just seemed way too out there and honestly kind of wacky. Sure, I personally witnessed the benefits and some other consequences but I just felt most of them were coincidences or "made up - imagined stuff". It wasn’t until later that my real journey with spirituality began. It happened, as it does for many, after suffering from anxiety and other "not so comfortable stuff."


Since the first day I stepped on Lalaland territory when I was 8 years old I have felt it as my home.

After getting my design degree in one of the highest ranked universities in Chile and working for 3 years with a chilean architect and interior designer, the opportunity to come back to LA presented itself. Here I became a Reiki practitioner, intuitive healer and akashic records reader all while working for an amazing interior design firm.

Today I am excited to be combining my two passions full time! 


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