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I like to create close relationships with my clients, so here’s a bit about me: 

I am a Los Angeles-based, holistic interior designer. For as long as I can’t remember—forgetful Dory over here—I’ve had a big space in my heart for interior design and everything spirituality.

I grew up in a narrow and long country far away from, well, everything. Chile is where my imagination inspired a favorite game of mine, Open House-y, which consisted of a three-year old me boring showing my mom around our childhood house as if I were selling it to her. (We’ve since lived in twenty-two other homes. So, I get the importance of making a home your own.) My early love of homes also extended to design and beautifying living spaces. This was made evident one summer when I was twelve. While my sister was away on vacation, I turned her bedroom into my ‘While You Were Away’ makeover project. (Goodbye, hideous clown wallpaper; hello, whitewashed walls and floral prints.) My sister would agree—since she continually suffered the consequences of my passion—that I was destined to be an interior designer.

On the spiritual side of things, I grew up under a soul-seeking, Reiki-practicing, tarot-reading mom. Though I respected her "woo-woo" ways— honestly way out there and at times kind of wacky —I never thought it was for me. It wasn’t until my teens after suffering from anxiety and not so comfortable stuff—typical teenage stuff… and did I mention that we moved 22 times?—that my real journey with spirituality began. I dabbled in angel cards, read all the mandatory self-help books (Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Gabrielle Bernstein), and began a regular meditation practice. I became a certified Reiki practitioner, Intuitive Healer, and Akashic records reader…all while working as an interior designer.

After earning my design degree at one of Chile’s highest-ranked universities and working with a Chilean architect/interior designer for three years, the opportunity to come back to LA presented itself. (Since the first day I stepped into Lalaland as an eight-year old, I’ve thought of LA as my home.) Here I worked for an amazing interior design firm until I finally decided to follow the signs and hoped the universe would catch me.

Today, I am lucky enough to not only live my dream combining my two passions but also meet new people and coach them towards happier lives through the redesign of their homes.