Clearing a home before putting

it on the market.


Clearing a home that is not selling.

Editing/styling/slight decluttering

of a home that is for sale

Welcoming Holistic Ceremony

for new owners.


Farewell Ceremony for previous



Did you know that there are 10 common energetic contaminants that affect our space?


If you feel the energy of your home is stuck, stagnant, heavy, etc. it is a great way to make your home feel welcoming again. This service is also provided at a distance and works just as well.


Bringing in a baby into a new home (nesting process , designing nursery, energy preparation)

Moving out of your parents home or back in

Clearing or healing after someone has passed

Divorce: I help you move on with your life and heal through the design process. 

Have a specific situation you want help with? Email

I am happy to connect with you no matter how big or small!

Pricing varies depending on the type of project and the scope of work.

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